Once the government allows face to face classes, all health protocols mandated or suggested by the government will be followed by Cambridge Philippines. Also, health and safety guidelines directed by the Ministry of Health in Singapore will be implemented.

Cambridge Child Development Centre - Health and Safety Protocols for Face-to-Face Classes 1

Cambridge Child Development Centre - Health and Safety Protocols for Face-to-Face Classes 2

Cambridge Child Development Centre - Health and Safety Protocols for Face-to-Face Classes 3


1. Cambridge Philippines will require testing of either (a) the child, or (b) two (2) adults who live with the student.

2. Gradual transition from 1-2 hours enrichment program to 2-3 hour classroom time with strict physical interaction limitation.


1. There will be a separate entrance and exit points. If the centre only has one entrance way, only one person will be allowed at a time to enter or exit.

2. Every person will go through temperature check and hand sanitizing before entering and exiting the centre.

3. Fill out the log-in and out form and health forms prior to entry.

4. Step on the foot sanitation mat, remove shoes and put in the shoe cubby. Only socks or indoor slippers will be allowed inside the school.


1. Only kids who have scheduled classes will be allowed entry. Parents, yayas and guardians are not allowed inside the centre.

2. Kids will go straight to the comfort room for mandatory hand washing and change into uniform before going to the classroom. Hand washing will be practiced several times within the period of the class.

3. Wearing of face mask is mandatory. A face shield is also recommended aside from the mask.

4. Maintain social distancing 1.5 meters apart. Only 2 kids on opposite ends of the rectangular table.


1. Maintain social distancing 1.5 meters apart

2. Only 2-3 people are allowed at a time


1. Children will be dispersed one at a time in 5 minutes interval during dismissal time.

2. Follow arrow markers for one-way lane and social distancing markers for entrance and exit queue.

3. Every student will go through temperature check and hand sanitizing prior to leaving the centre.

4. To limit human interaction, parents, guardians, nannies and authorized fetchers must pick up their child by the school’s entrance on the specified time.

We discourage waiting outside the school to prevent gathering of crowds.

5. Be on time on picking up and immediately go straight home after.

We discourage going to other places after school to minimize exposure outside and decrease risk.


1. All transactions will be done online. Directress will attend to inquiries and parent concerns via phone, email, Cyberland or website.

2. For cashless transactions, parents are highly encouraged to choose online payment options.

3. All school announcements, updates and other correspondences will be disseminated via Cyberland.

4. All school personnel and visitors will maintain social distancing and comply with all safety protocols while inside the school.


1. Teacher Aides will continue to prepare snacks following strict sanitation protocols (wearing of hair net, face mask, face shield and disposable gloves are required).

2. Hand washing and hand sanitizing will be practiced as often as necessary.

3. All plates, cups and utensils will be washed thoroughly. (Parents may also opt to have their kids bring their own plates, water bottle and utensils on a daily basis).


1. Follow social distancing markers in queuing during washing of hands and brushing of teeth.

2. Toothbrush kits will not be left in the school anymore.

3. One kid per sink will be observed.

4. Disposable paper towels will be used for drying of hands.


1. Play time per class will be scheduled separately or may be assigned in different play stations if scheduled at the same time.

2. Fill out Play log book.

3. Teachers or teacher aides will strictly monitor limited physical interaction or maintain safe distance of kids while playing.

4. Play equipment will be sanitized by teacher aides every after-play time.

5. The use of the playground will only be allowed during the specified play time.


Protocols are subject to change depending on the government mandate, risk assessment or should the situation warrant it. CCLDI health and safety protocols may change without prior notice.