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Distance Learning Sneak Peek

Have a look at what our Term: Simple Machines is like in our distance learning program.   Cambridge Child Development Centre – Philippines   CambridgePhilippines   www.cambridge.com.ph    

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Schooling Decisions

  I’ll refrain from using “new normal,” “pandemic,” “m/e/g/c/q” and “unprecedented” because (quite frankly) I just keep hearing and reading these terms over and over and over again. We all have a pretty good feel (or opinion) of the current… continue reading.

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Mental Check in: Gaining control in times of Uncertainty

How are you are doing? Amidst the chaos of the pandemic, talking about your worries and fears is vital at this time. You may be having an unpleasant feeling called “cabin fever”. Cabin fever is not categorized as a Psychological… continue reading.

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Intentionality is a Verb

  If you look in the dictionary, in·ten·tion·al·i·ty is a noun which means the fact of being deliberate or purposive. For me, I would like to validate that it is not just a noun, but also a verb. One of… continue reading.

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In light of the Enhanced Community Quarantine’s extension (ECQ), we have adjusted our Academic Calendar for the S.Y 2020 – 2021. Please see the following dates: May 18 – 29 Distance Learning Free Trial Period June 1 – August 28… continue reading.

Let’s go back to Dec 2017, a reflection.

For those who are tired of reading another perspective on life with/after COVID-19, I apologize in advance because this is mine. Preschools have always been niche places where students ages 10 months to 6 years old can go play and… continue reading.

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Getting to know my child (Better)

  Children feel our emotions and it is important to stay positive during these trying times. We all have to put our A game more than ever – that being said, good health has never been more important both physically… continue reading.

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iSTEAM Robotics Training

    The teachers thoroughly enjoyed exploring how the robots work and are excited to teach the kids about coding and patterns with such adorable robots. What a great way to prepare for the new iSTEAM Curriculum next school year!… continue reading.

Cambridge - Novel Coronavirus A Child-Friendly Guide

Novel Coronavirus – A Child-Friendly Guide for Families

    For practical and easy-to-follow steps, read our child-friendly guide on the novel coronavirus and how to stay protected. Click or tap the image to download PDF.

TERM Topics - iSTEAM curriculum

Start of iSTEAM curriculum implementation

  New and exciting Term Topics await this coming School Year as we will be bringing iSteam to Cambridge Philippines! iSTEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics as access points… continue reading.