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CAMBRIDGE Green Family Day 2019 01

CAMBRIDGE Green Family Day 2019

“The family that runs together have fun together.”     Cambridge Green celebrated their Family day last Sept. 22, 2019 with a heart in mind for the kids of Bahay Aruga as beneficiaries. To help kids live happily ever after… continue reading.

A Mom's First Day in Preschool featured image

A Mom’s First Day in Preschool

By: Cathy Hwang     Yes, you got that right. I’m talking about my experience as a first time mom in a preschool. Everyone talks about what a child’s first day in school is like, but what about for us… continue reading.

PLDT customer phone number change announcement

Update on Cambridge Business Lines

Please be advised that due to changes implemented by PLDT, beginning October 6, 2019 all Cambridge business lines will have an additional number “8” at the beginning of it’s existing phone number. Read all about it: More information about the… continue reading.

Curriculum 1

Curriculum Planning: Term Our Special World

  What a great day to collaborate! As preparation for the upcoming term, the Cambridge teachers from different branches came together to brainstorm and plan out various areas of exploration for their specific levels. This is a great way to… continue reading.

Cyberland app

Cyberland App

Cyberland/Cambridge Parents App Presentation from Cambridge Philippines on Vimeo.

Cambridge Separation Anxiety_image 1

What To Do When My Child Doesn’t Want To Go To School

As a parent, we understand the importance of leaving our kids in school. However, kids may feel anxious away from their parents. What can we do when they don’t want to leave us? 1. Focus on the positives. Remind them… continue reading.

Cambridge_First Day Supplies_image 1

4 Must-Haves for Your Kid’s First Day of Preschool

Preparing for preschool enrollment can be hectic. But before you get mired in documentation requirements and parent-teacher meetings, don’t forget these essentials for your child. 1. Backpack: Find a backpack that is comfortable. The straps should be centered on his… continue reading.

Before Starting Preschool image 1 - Greetings and Manners

Four Great Skills to Have Before Starting Preschool

Preschool teaches many skills to its young students. But there are some skills that ideally should be ready before he sets foot in school.   Greetings and Manners. Basic social skills help kids make friends and fit in. They should… continue reading.


Cambridge Poblacion-Makati is now Open!

  Cambridge is pleased to announce that a new Centre—in Poblacion, Makati City—is now open!   Come see us! Our Poblacion Centre address is 4501 Singian St., Poblacion, Makati City. E-mail us at poblacion-makati@cambridge.com.ph Contact us via phone at these… continue reading.