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Cyberland app

Cyberland App

Cyberland/Cambridge Parents App Presentation from Cambridge Philippines on Vimeo.

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What To Do When My Child Doesn’t Want To Go To School

As a parent, we understand the importance of leaving our kids in school. However, kids may feel anxious away from their parents. What can we do when they don’t want to leave us? 1. Focus on the positives. Remind them… continue reading.

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4 Must-Haves for Your Kid’s First Day of Preschool

Preparing for preschool enrollment can be hectic. But before you get mired in documentation requirements and parent-teacher meetings, don’t forget these essentials for your child. 1. Backpack: Find a backpack that is comfortable. The straps should be centered on his… continue reading.

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Four Great Skills to Have Before Starting Preschool

Preschool teaches many skills to its young students. But there are some skills that ideally should be ready before he sets foot in school.   Greetings and Manners. Basic social skills help kids make friends and fit in. They should… continue reading.


Cambridge Poblacion-Makati is now Open!

  Cambridge is pleased to announce that a new Centre—in Poblacion, Makati City—is now open!   Come see us! Our Poblacion Centre address is 4501 Singian St., Poblacion, Makati City. E-mail us at poblacion-makati@cambridge.com.ph Contact us via phone at these… continue reading.

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How to Raise a Fit Kid

Fitness and Developing Good Habits Running, jumping, and playing are fun activities, these are essential for healthy growth and development. Sedentary children often grow into sedentary adults who are prone to sickness and obesity. Starting good habits early promote healthier… continue reading.

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A KonMari Mother’s Day with Cambridge!

Cambridge Mommies were certainly in for a treat this Mother’s Day!   To celebrate our most precious mamas, Cambridge invited Ms. Christine Dychiao, the only KonMari-certified speaker in the Philippines, to share her expertise on tidying up.   Being a… continue reading.

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4 Ways to Build Your Child’s Focus

Another term is beginning this June. In an increasingly digital world, focusing on a task has become exponentially difficult. Social media, news feeds and the constant barrage of reminders from our cellphones distract us. The skill of being able to… continue reading.

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Training Schedule for May 2019

Schedule for the Training Series for SY 2019–2020 is now available. Venue: Cambridge Head Office/Cambridge Legaspi, Makati     Download PDF of Training Schedule

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5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Kids From Getting Sick this Rainy Season

The May rains have signaled the end of summer. In a few months, the typhoon season will start in earnest, bringing the blessings of cooler weather but also the threat of water-borne disease. To help prevent runny noses and flushed… continue reading.