Cambridge Binondo Gearing Up To Fight Water Pollution!

Cambridge Binondo Gearing Up To Fight Water Pollution! View Gallery Cambridge Binondo kids know Earth is our friend! Now they’re learning all about water pollution, and how to prevent it. To show their commitment to saving our planet, and to immortalize their friendship with Mother Earth, Binondo kids decorated their own planting pots and posters. […]

A Typical Day at Cambridge Binondo

View Gallery We welcome you and your kids to be part of our family. We cater to kids starting 10 months old (Pre-Toddler Class) to 6 years old (Kinder Class). Cambridge follows a progressive approach in developing our students holistically. Come and visit us!

Nursery and Vertical Class: Art Buffet

View Gallery Time to bring out the creative and imaginative side of you! The Nursery and Vertical Class joined together for this epic art buffet in the centre. Each one made their personal scrapbook with their photos in it. 😄

Annual Concert 2016

View Gallery We can’t believe that it’s already the end of academic year 2016-2017. Lots of memories have been made and friendships created. This school year has been a blessed season for Cambridge Binondo. Numerous new students, parents and guardians has been welcomed to be a part of our ever-growing family. Cambridge Binondo’s Annual Concert […]

Picnic Day

View Gallery A sunny morning to embrace the beauty of the day with the company of each other.

Pizza and Ice Cream Day

View Gallery It’s cookery day for the Nursery 1-A Class as they get to make their own ice cream and pizza. However, it’s not going to be an easy-pizzy for them since they have to prepare everything from scratch. Starting from the purchasing of ingredients in the supermarket, then preparing and cooking them in school. […]

Cambridge Binondo Craft Making Day

View Gallery As the term was about to end, the Nursery 1-B class made a book together with their mommies and daddies. What’s more special is they got to make their books out of recycled materials. All educational methods, especially project learning, works best when parents and guardians are involved in the process. At Cambridge, […]

Let’s Take a Picture!

Let’s Take a Picture You and Me! This is not your ordinary kind of exhibit! The kids of Toddler Class A & C prepared a spectacular show using dark light and glowing neon colors. The pictures are displayed in a very artistic way. Who would’ve thought that the Toddler Class can come up something amazing […]

Chinese New Year Celebration 2017

Chinese New Year Celebration 2017 View Gallery Happy Chinese New Year新年快樂 Cambridge Binondo kids welcomed the Year of the Fire Rooster with exciting activities in the centre. This celebration would not be complete without watching the traditional video during Chinese New Year, eating tikoy and getting ang paos 红包. The kids really had fun and […]

Cambridge Binondo Spa Day

Cambridge Binondo Spa Day View Gallery he Nursery 1-A kids treated their mommies a relaxing spa and hand massage this sunny-morning. Prior to this, the class discussed about coffee, its health benefits and life-hack uses. Students prepared their unique coffee based mud baths to help in the hand massages given.