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  • School Year: 2010 - 2011

For this term, the kids of Cambridge Alabang decided to culminate the term by creating an art piece using PLAYDOH where they took home the trophy from the PLAYDOH contest, cooked yummy treats using seeds and had an apple seed hunt.

Trick or Treat! The kids amazed us with their creative costumes. Everyone participated well during this event. The kids took home a whole lot of treats!

For this year’s fieldtrip, we decided to take a tour to the factory of Gardenia. The kids learned a lot about making bread. We also went to Nuvali to feed some of the koi fish while riding a speed boat. Everyone enjoyed and bonded over our prepared activities.

We decided to put together two events on this special day, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. The school was painted red by all of the lovely Chinese costumes and big hearts of the kids.

Happy mother’s day to all our beautiful mommies! Our mommies and kids bonded over our prepared activities. Each level was able to highlight the special things our beloved mommies do for us.

We assess your child’s needs and provide them with activities to further help develop the skills they need to improve on.

Meeting and greeting with professionals help us teach the kids about our term topics. We are also fortunate that our Cambridge parents are very participative with this kind of activity.

We follow the curriculum from Singapore which is Project-based. (PBEM) Initially, we build on the natural curiosity of children, and from there we facilitate learning by engaging them in different experiential activities. This kind of learning is extended beyond the classroom. We do a lot of fieldworks and we invite resource persons to explore more on the term topic.

We allow our little explorers to roam around the community to further learn about their term topics. This allows them to have fun and experience what is being taught to them. Experience is also a good teacher

Cambridge Alabang showed our Daddies and Papa's some love this Father's Day with a good old fashioned basketball game! Red, Blue, and Yellow teams did their very best to shoot the most baskets and score the most points to bring their team to victory! The MVDs (Most Valuable Dads) were rewarded with a pin from their own kids to remind them how loved and appreciated they are.