Testimonial from Daddy Rob

Testimonial from Mommy Nori

“The Cambridge DLP (Distance Learning Program) definitely made our mornings more meaningful. As a parent, I would run out of ideas on what to do with my little energy ball on a daily and I will honestly take all the help that I can get. The Cambridge DLP helped us create a daily routine. There are good days and bad days. There are days my daughter would participate, there are days she just won’t. There are days we have materials, there are days we don’t. No pressure though, we take what we can get. School is not pressuring us too and is very understanding of the situation. I think that the Cambridge DLP will somehow impart the knowledge my daughter should be learning in the usual class set up so we will definitely continue enrolling her to this kind of set-up until the end of this pandemic. Thank you”

– Cathy Hwang and Arya Hwang – Cambridge Alabang

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