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  • School Year: 2018 - 2019

After almost a whole term on learning about the many uses of plants and flowers, the Cambridge Nursery students took a trip to the Alabang Town Center greenhouses to see for themselves how our gardens are made! We learned the full cycle of how plants grow: from a tiny little seed to beautiful vegetations! The best part was when each student had their opportunity to plant their own seeds. It was so much fun scooping soil into our pots, burying our seeds, and finally watering them! A big thank you to Ms Marilyn and Sir Kevin from ATC Gardening and Landscape Department for sharing this great opportunity and experience with us! Gardening was indeed memorable. It felt good to do our part in keeping our environment thriving.

Cambridge Alabang celebrated Halloween this year with a new twist! Instead of spooky monsters and ghouls, the students and their families dressed up in lots of colors and sugar skull face paint to remember and past loved ones who continue to live in our hearts!