Welcome to the Jungle!

A Cambridge Alabang Family Day Event

JUMANJI Family Day 2019 01

The Cambridge Alabang families took a walk on the wild side this year’s Family Day! On September 20, families gathered at the Alabang Hills Village Covered Courts to play a life-size game of the popular fictional board game JUMANJI!

JUMANJI Family Day 2019 02

Families were grouped into 4 teams: the Gray Elephants, the Orange Monkeys, the Green Crocodiles, and the Red Lions. Each team had to roll the giant dice to see how many steps forward they could go. The first team to reach the centre (end) and shout, “JUMAJI!” would be the winner!

JUMANJI Family Day 2019 03

But there’s more to it! Each tile a team would land on had a mini-challenge. If the team could beat the challenge in under a minute, or score better that the other teams competing, then they would win extra steps forward! Some challenges involved push-ups, sit-ups, a shamrock shake, blind-fold bowling, and much more. It was flurry of gray, orange, green, and red as the teams all tries their very best to win!

JUMANJI Family Day 2019 04

In the end, it was the Green Crocodiles who won the game and the title of “Grand Jumanji Winner!”
Great playing, Green Crocodiles!

JUMANJI Family Day 2019 05

But don’t think the other teams went down without a fight! The Orange Monkeys took the trophy for “Best in Sportsmanship!” for their no-quit fighting spirit!

JUMANJI Family Day 2019 06

The Gray Elephants made such a thunderous cheer that they stomped their way straight to the “Best in Cheer” title!

JUMANJI Family Day 2019 07

And the Red Lions nabbed the award for “Best Mascot” with their pride of lion masks!

JUMANJI Family Day 2019 08

Aside from the big event, the students and their families still had a chance to win fun prizes by trying their skill and luck with the game booths! The Cambridge Alabang teachers set up junglethemed carnival booths such as the Waterfall Tower, Jungle Fishing, and Animal Ring Toss!

JUMANJI Family Day 2019 09

Our awesome JUMANJI Family Day wouldn’t have come to be without our awesome sponsors! A great big jungle thank you to:

Kickstarters Sports Academy, Young Living, Three Aces Interior Design and Furnishing, Gugma Artisan, PRU Life U.K., Lemon Feels, Kevs Myx Snacks, Gourmet Crisps, Gridiron, and many more!

JUMANJI Family Day 2019 10

Cambridge Alabang’s JUMANJI Family Day was a fun and exciting way to celebrate with our community and fellow Cambridge families. By facing fun challenges together, the Cambridge Alabang families’ were able to bond and make new happy memories.

JUMANJI Family Day 2019 11

Congratulations to Cambridge Alabang for another successful event! Thank you to everyone for coming. Until next year!


This event’s theme and activities were inspired by the 1995 film “JUMANJI” and 2017 film “JUMANJI: Welcome to the Jungle” by Columbia Pictures.


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