Last February 8, 2019, the Cambridge BHS students experienced an authentic Chinese New Year celebration. Our parents from the Chinese community helped in decorating the centre and prepared delicious delicacies such as dumplings and fried tikoy. The highlight of the event was the Dragon dance, which the children excitedly danced with. Everyone surely had a great time!

"Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting." - Thomas S. Monson It was indeed a great pleasure to have shared our blessings with the orphans of the Tahanan ng Pagmamahal Children's Home. With the generosity of our dear parents, we have gathered a total of 39, 620 php that was used to buy diapers, milk, and toiletries for our beneficiaries. Truly, great satisfaction comes from sharing with others.

For the culmination of the book month, we held a play based on Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar last January 25, 2019. Each student was given roles to perform to cultivate their acting skills and to serve as a practice as well for the upcoming annual play. The event was a success and the parents' delight were evident as they watched their child perform.

Last December 22, 2018, we celebrated Christmas with the theme The Polar Express. Each class prepared dance presentations for their parents. In addition to the season's spirit, each child brought presents to give to their beloved peers. It was certainly as heartwarming event for everyone!

For Term Our Special World, the Junior Nursery Vertical kids learned about endangered animals endemic to the Philippines, particularly the Philippine Eagle. To have a better idea of how it looks like compared to other birds, the class visited Ark Avilon last November 7 together with their teacher and parents/guardians.

Last Oct. 24, 2018, little wizards and witches came to celebrate Halloween at Cambridge BHS. Harry Potter-themed games and snacks were shared and enjoyed by the whole community. It was fun seeing the kids play with their parents as they bonded with puzzles, relay games, and scavenger hunts. The highlight of the day was giving and receiving treats from the parents as they went around the room carrying with them empty bags and leaving with an overflowing stock of goodies.

It's a Small World After all! In Cambridge BHS, you'll see a variety of cultures and backgrounds as the children come not just from the Philippines but from different countries as well. To celebrate each one's unique ethnicity, the kids came in their costumes and shared with the class some delicacies from their country.

Pre-Toddler Open House

Pre-Toddler Open House

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