It was a "Sense-sational" gathering for the Cambridge BHS families as we all culminated Term All About Me. Tapping all the senses, the kids, together with their parents, made different DIY projects such as the coffee-cinnamon body scrub, kaleidoscope, and the Califonia Maki (as facilitated by our guest speaker, Chef Althea). We can't wait to experience what's in store for us for the next term!

Last August 23, Cambridge BHS celebrated Buwan ng Wika with the theme, "Pinoy Retro: Baliktanaw sa Dekada '70". The kids came in their '70s inspired OOTDs and showcased their dance skills using famous music of the '70s local bands. Families also enjoyed party games played in Pinoy celebrations like musical chairs, newspaper dance, and longest line. Of course, the event won't end without the annual salu-salo of some of the Philippines' delicious delicacies.

It's time to go to the salon! The Toddler and JN2 classes visited the Peppermint salon last Aug. 7, 2019 to have their nails cleaned by professional nail artisans. They had a fun and relaxing time as they were shown how to properly take care of their nails.

It was a sweaty kind of day for our Senior Nursery and Kinder students as they exercised at Track 30th. Learning about our skin and our sweat glands were definitely more fun by doing it outdoors!

Nutrition Month was held last July 12, 2019. The parents made a conscious effort to prepare for a DIY healthy costume for their children. Everyone came wearing impressive fruits and vegetable costumes. The children had a healthful parade around the centre followed by a modelling portion, which the parents enjoyed the most. It was challenging for the teachers to choose the best and most creative costumes since everybody gave their best to partake in the event!

Cambridge is a community that cultivates children to love learning. Here, we maximize children's learning experiences that is why we encourage parents to have their children as young as 10 months to 1-year-old and 5 months join the Pre-Toddler Class. Recently, we held an Open House last July 11 where 7 Pre-Toddler students with their parents/guardians happily participated. Everyone sure had a worthy hour full of interesting activities and impeccable learning! Hope to see you on our next activity!

Pre-school parents would usually ask their children about what happened in school once they're done with their class. On the 5th of July this year, the Cambridge BHS parents finally understood how A DAY in Cambridge goes by experiencing it themselves. It was not your regular Parents' Orientation as they have undergone the regular routine - from Individualized Instruction, they have joined in the singing and dancing during Circle Time; have been informed more about our curriculum: Project Based Ecological Model; and learned about the importance and structure of Play Time, Snack Time, Grooming Time, and Story Time. Everyone participated and gave attention to all the teachers as they presented everything that the parents have to learn about Cambridge. It was a very productive day for all and this orientation has become a preview of a year full of joy and togetherness as the parents, students, and school staff create a family-like bond. Looking forward for the awesome school year!

It was a sporty day for the Daddies of Cambridge BHS last June 14, 2019! Amidst their busy schedules, the daddies made time and all came in, rockin' their coolest sports attire. The coaches from Kickstarters Philippines were invited to teach basic soccer to the daddies and their children. The bond continued as they created a DIY phone stand made out of recycled materials that they brought home as a souvenir for that special day. It was a memorable day for everyone! Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

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