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Precious as diamonds, our dear moms deserve a celebration like no other! The Cambridge BHS kids spent this special day to pay tribute to their moms. They made beaded bracelet and a bouquet of paper flowers. The kids also rendered a special song and dance number. Happy Mother's Day to the most precious gem in the family!

With much interest in tents as transient homes of hikers, the Kinder kids went to Recreational Outdoor Exchange (ROX) at Bonifacio High Street. Sir Red showed them different tools used by hikers such as headlamp, survival kit, life straw, sleeping bag and the like. But what they truly enjoyed was putting up and pretending to sleep in the lightest tent that weighs only half a kilo! :)

Meeting our friends from the sea was a lot of fun! Cambridge kids together with their parents went to visit Manila Ocean Park for our Annual fieldtrip. They were amazed to see the big oceanarium, the sea lion show and were struck by their encounter with the ray and penguins!

The kinder class has explored the field of food preparation, table setting, food services and kitchen workers. The children were very lucky to have visited 3 restaurants that offer different food services such as Mc Donalds (fast food), Niu by Vikings (buffet) and 2nd's (fine dining restaurant). These field works made their learning more meaningful and interesting.

What a sweet hoot! The parents and children enjoyed designing their cupcakes and making their pastillas lollipop. It was truly a lovely treat for everyone. :)

Go Pink, Go BHS Team! The BHS family spirit was very alive. Kids and parents alike had lots of fun cheering together and were very competitive in playing games. The children likewise enjoyed the bubble show, jugglers and face painting. Hooray!

Ho, Ho, Ho, Happy Holidays! The kids came shimmering in their red and gold attire! They brought joy and cheer to everyone as they sang and danced for their mommies and daddies. Our little Santa was also there to give the gifts to boys and girls who have been good this year. :)

Dressed up in their cutest, nicest, spookiest and most creative costume, the kids of Cambridge BHS were gathered together in this fun event. They had fun playing games and trick or treating with their mommies. Happy Halloween!

Exploring and experiencing first hand, the children went out on fieldworks to further investigate the topics they have discussed in class. Some of them went to the fruit stand to check on the different seeds found in each fruit, identify it and buy the one they need for their follow up activity. Bigger kids went to the Pet store to find out the animals that feed on seeds and other plant products. Kids who went to the flower shop also had fun doing flower arrangement. The Kinder class also had a very meaningful experience of visiting the Echostore which houses organic products that help save Mother Earth. It was indeed a great learning experience for everyone!

Cambridge BHS relaunched its Pretoddler program last October 11, 2014. Babies 10 months old to 1.5 years old joined us for a morning of fun activities with their parents. They enjoyed playing, doing their hot air balloon craft, singing songs and listening to the storytelling. Till next time!

In collaboration with the Philippine Marines headed by Brigadier General Martin N. Pinto, the footwear and books gathered during our term 1 culmination was successfully delivered to the children in Zamboanga. It put a lot of smiles in the children's faces. Thank you Cambridge parents for your generosity and the Philippine Marines for being the means to have this activity realized! Our hearts are overjoyed!

Giving back is what we always aim for at the end of each term. With our "fashion shoe" the parents and children were able to enjoy sharing what they have while appreciating their children's work and ability to present themselves in the crowd. On that day also, our friend from Philippine Navy, Brigadier General Martin N. Pinto joined us to give us an idea of the situation of children in Zamboanga, a war-stricken area in Mindanao. Those children were the recipients of the different footwear gathered from this event. Thank you Cambridge parents and children! A little help goes a long way!

Our children’s safety is our utmost priority. In cases of disasters such as earthquake or fire, we want our children, teachers and staff to be well-equipped in acting upon such emergencies, thus we conduct evacuation drills. Way to go Cambridge kids for being alert and participative!

The children have truly enjoyed the term Shoes. They have learned a lot from knowing the different types of shoes, to what happens in a shoe store. Some classes also explored different activities they do with various shoes such as sports. They also got to meet people who use special kind of shoes for work like the soldier. But more importantly, they learned the importance of having shoes and became aware that there are also some people who have no means to buy shoes, thus it is also nice to share!

Our daddies deserve a treat on this special day. We decided to have the theme “Handy Daddy” to celebrate this year’s father’s day. Our handy dads surely had a great time with their kids. Happy Father’s Day!

Parent- school collaboration is highly valued in Cambridge. Thus, it is always best to start the school year with Parent Orientation. This became a great opportunity for both parents and teachers alike to get to know each other and be in sync with our philosophy and goal in providing a quality education for their children.