Cambridge Circulo Verde’s Feet-astic Time!

View Gallery The Junior Nursery 2 went to Dr. Kong, Robinsons Magnolia to learn more about the proper shoes for their feet. To find out their proper foot size and type, they even took a fot assessment!

Term Water

To cap off Term Water, the Cambridge CV kids, with their families, had a long and fun day with different animal creatures they’ve learned about in class! Seeing our marine friends in real life was indeed an experience to remember! Image Gallery

Term Shoes stomping your way at Cambridge Circulo Verde!

Term: Shoes First Day of Fitting is on June 7, 2017 We cannot wait to see all of you PRE-TODDLER (10 Months – 1.6) JUNIOR NURSERY 1 (2.6 Years Old – 3.6 Years Old) SENIOR NURSERY (4 Years Old – 5 Years Old) TODDLER (1.6 Years old – 2.6 Years Old) JUNIOR NURSERY 2 (3.6 […]

Hula Hands

Hula Hands Hula Hands at Cambridge Circulo Verde from Cambridge Philippines on Vimeo.

Halloween Party 2016: The Royal Ball

Cambridge Child Development Centre – Circulo Verde is inviting everyone to their annual Halloween event on October 27, 2016 entitled The Royal Ball. A Disney inspired Halloween party wherein the kids will be able to model their costume and go around Circulo Verde for some treats and goodies! Let us not forget about dancing, too! […]

Pista sa Cambridge

Pista sa Cambridge View Gallery Cambridge at Circulo Verde family celebrated Buwan Ng Wika through a mini program entitled “Pista sa Cambridge”. Our parents were treated to renditions of famous Filipino folk dances by the kids. Families were also entertained by the teachers who did a puppet show of the classic Filipino story, “Ang pagong […]

Cambridge Circulo Verde Fun Fair

Cambridge Circulo Verde Fun Fair View Gallery To culminate the Term Hands and Feet, Cambridge CV did a centre-wide activity entitled, FUN-A-FAIR. Our Toddler, Nursery and Kinder kids were able to showcase what they’ve learned through games, video showing and a mini café. Parents and their kids were able to experience playing some larong pinoy […]

Kiddie Culinary with Salad Master

Kiddie Culinary with Salad Master View Gallery To celebrate Nutrition month, Cambridge Circulo Verde partnered with Salad Master to teach the CV community how to prepare healthy snacks. Through this activity, we all learned that we can provide different kinds of food that are rich in vitamins and minerals to the kids without them knowing. […]

Nursery Kids Fieldwork to Robinsons Supermarket

Nursery Kids Fieldwork to Robinsons Supermarket The Little Chefs of Cambridge Circulo Verde Nursery Class went to Robinson’s Supermarket to learn more about Go, Grow and Glow food! 🙂 They had fun going around the supermarket, putting inside the cart their groceries and paying at the counter! Good Job, Little Chefs! View Gallery

Collaborative Art Activity

Collaborative Art Activity Click here to view more pictures. A collaborative environment at Cambridge Circulo Verde not only engages students but teaches them the value of team work and the power of the collective. In this art activity, students worked on several projects that promoted a shared sense of responsibility and fulfillment.