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Here in Cambridge Circulo Verde, we could never miss the chance to celebrate our dear mothers! Last May 10, 2019, we held a special event called "JambaMama".

This year's United Nations Day celebration was a big success because of the parents and teachers who worked together to decorate and plan the whole event! The parents were grouped together and were assigned to different countries. Together with the teachers, they planned the decorations and even facilitated the activities for the kids. What a fun way to do parent-teacher collaboration!

Bata, Bata! Halina't Kumanta! - Cambridge Circulo Verde's Buwan ng Wika Celebration 2018 The kids of Cambridge Circulo Verde prepared a simple yet outstanding dance performance for their families in celebration of Buwan ng Wika this 2018. Alongside the presentations, the teachers also prepared a short play of the story, "Filemon Mamon". To cap off the celebration, the guests had a simple feast featuring famous Filipino delicacies.