“Before anything else, I want to congratulate all the kids on a job well done! Toddlers, Junior Nursery 1, Junior Nursery 2, Senior Nursery and Kinder kids, your performance today is amazing and you have made all of us so proud of you and all your hard work.

It is probably impossible to convey the extent of our gratitude to these people who have selflessly given so much of themselves – not only to educate our children but to teach them to be better human beings.

We have gained so much from joining the Cambridge community since Robin started in toddler class back in 2015, way beyond what we ever expected. We had no idea what an adventure it would be – not just for Robin but for us parents as well. From anxiety over the first few tearful days away from each other to their first trick or treat to birthday celebrations to potty training to their first jeepney ride to preparing for big school, Cambridge has indeed become like a family.

It is not easy to send our first child to school but, not only did you make our children feel comfortable, you helped put our minds at ease also. I love how every person in the school works together to attend to each and every child, no matter their level.

I will be the first one to admit that Robin is not exactly the easiest child to care for. She is quite sensitive and overly cautious but in the 4 years since she’s been in Cambridge, she has bloomed into a confident, precocious, and adventurous kid. The fact that my daughter always looks forward to going to school tells me everything I need to know.

Thank you so much, Teacher Pauline, Teacher Bridjit, Teacher Viance, Teacher Dana, Laoshi Kim and Teacher Ces. The love and care you put into your individual rooms, special projects, and fun activities do not go unnoticed. Let us not forget the Titas and Kuya for caring for and keeping our kids safe and secure also.

I also want to thank all our co-parents in making this community thrive. School events were made better because of your participation – from the DIYs, talent showcasing, and of course, costumes, costumes, and more costumes. I am pretty sure we have made the costume industry much, much richer.

Not only am I thankful for the friendships forged within the school walls, I am grateful for the the relationships formed beyond. How incredible it is to be part of the Cambridge Circulo Verde family.

Dear teachers, our kids have gone through so many positive changes since they started and we know that a lot of it is thanks to your loving guidance. Not only do you teach them letters, numbers, shapes, and colors, you also wipe tears, create giggles, give warm hugs, and help build their character.

And so, for all of that and so, so much more, I forgive you, Teacher Ces. I forgive you for making one of Robin’s favorite colors, PINK.

Thank you! ❤”

– Mommy Suyen Lopez, Cambridge Circulo Verde