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My Future Me

My Future Me is Ready to Serve! “We are the ones who are next in line.” The Junior Nursery 2 class has a bright future ahead of them!

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Are You Ready, Adventurers?

The Junior Nursery class will take you on a new adventure! Let us take to the skies and learn more about the many types of air transportation available to us! Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on an adventure!

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Cambridge Circulo Verde goes to Great World of Fun

The Senior Nursery class had a blast at Great World of Fun as they identified the different simple machines in a mini theme park inside a mall. They learned more about the machines by experiencing the game booths and rides!

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When Southeast Asian Meets!

Cambridge Circulo Verde celebrated United Nations Day as they paraded their traditional and modern colorful costumes from some countries around Asia.

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Term 1 Culminating Day

🌠 Parents and their kids had an awesome time with the game booths crafted by the Senior Nursery class, munched in with the yummy sweet treats prepared by the Junior Nursery class, and bento meals by the Kinder on their Culminating Day.

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Term 1 Concluding Activity

It wasn't an easy task to finish three months of virtual distance learning, but the awesome kids at Cambridge Circulo Verde finished the term strong with their creative and concluding activities!The Junior Nursery kids learned a lot about the wonderful...

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Trial Classes

Cambridge Circulo Verde is now accepting students for the preschool trial classes. Call us at (02) 8277-1774 or +63 916-310-0112.

Circulo Verde Free 3 day trial

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