Valentine’s Day Event

Cambridge Legaspi celebrated Valentine’s Day last February 15 as they made their own sandwich, catch lovebugs, prepared the cereals in a bag for their parents!     Catching love bugs using a fly swatter is so much fun!       I Cereals-ly love you! We took home a cereal bags for our loved ones.

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Summer Programs

Cambridge Legaspi is beating the heat with these Summer Programs! Download brochure

Chinese New Year

Cambridge Legaspi welcomes the Year of the Pig last February 1, 2019 as we celebrate Chinese New Year!   A Chinese arch was placed in the lobby to secure a “Chinesey” photo booth! Show your happiest smiles everyone!   Prior to the event, the kids collaborated in making their own landscape painting that was displayed

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Science Friday

Cambridge Legaspi kids became scientists for a day and made a lot of experiments! It was truly an enjoyable day for everyone!   What will happen of we put together vinegar and baking soda??? Let’s find out!   Using a measuring spoon to accurately put the right amount of baking soda on the cup for

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FFD: Animal Day

Cambridge Legaspi kids celebrated animal day as they learned how to take care and save the environment! Removing plastic and trash in the ocean can help save the animals. Cambridge kids also learned about spiders and practiced rational counting and sorting by color. It’s nice to see how they waited for their turn and listened

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