“The concept of distance learning was daunting for us, but Cambridge adjusted as smoothly as possible. I also appreciated how the teachers were so quick to adapt to the online set up and come up with the learning kits every month to make the experience as close to the face-to-face set up as much as possible.”

—Mommy Chay Malajacan

“Good morning Teachers & good morning Parents,

Most importantly to all our children, today is indeed a very special day.

Another year has passed. I am sure that each parent feel honored and happy to witness our children’s moving up ceremony today but I am extremely nervous in particular standing here in front of all. Of course today is all about our children.

It has been a privilege of having our son Jaiden attend Cambridge School. It was 2 years ago when we were just looking for a school for Jaiden for him to start learning and my wife and I truly believe that we made the right decision of choosing Cambridge school for our son, you did a fine job in making a strong foundation on Jaiden’s learning process. Thank you so much and our huge gratitude to all the teachers especially to Teacher Dats (his first teacher), Teacher Nica and lastly Teacher Angel.

Jaiden will be moving next year to another school and we shall treasure every memory we had with Cambridge. Thank you once again and have a great day.”

—Daddy Ronald Cos