5 Fun Ways to Keep Your Child Engaged Over the Summer

Posted on Apr 8 19

Need ideas on summer activities for your children? Here are five that can provide hours of fun and learning.


Explore and Roam. Find places that offer active learning experiences that enable children to move and learn. Museums, parks, and historical places are all great places to visit.

Do Activities that They Like. Are your children interested in drawing, dancing, basketball, or board games? Use these activities as a base for their summer activities. Ask them to show you what they’re doing.

Pretend Play. While seemingly simple, pretend play and make believe requires advanced thinking strategies, communication, and social skills. It helps children work out issues and lets them synthesize knowledge and skills. A simple make-believe play of going to the corner store to buy candy can help them conquer their social fears, find the right words to say, and even anticipate costs.

Practice Active Listening. Listening is the child’s entrance into language and literacy. Children begin to shape words by hearing conversations and stories. That’s why reading aloud to your child is so effective. Aside from your voice, you can create a playlist of audiobooks, podcasts, and music for their listening pleasure.

Summer Classes. The simplest way to continue learning is by enrolling your children in a summer course. With the right teaching method that leverages their interests for learning, summer classes would become another fun day with teacher and friends. Help your kids discover the fun of learning in the summer and they’ll make it a habit for life.

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