By Cecille Anne Sabangan

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Do you remember the times when your child tugs your hand in excitement? It feels like your child is amazed by everything every time, right?

Children pay a huge amount of attention to their environment that they notice even the teeny tiny details that adults do not. Your child’s 5 basic senses are on-the-go, and it is best that we feed these senses.

Due to our present challenges, our outdoor activities with the kids are restricted. Here are some ways to make up for it at home!

The Perfect Spot

Just like us adults, children also need a relaxing and safe work space. Choose a corner in your house that you can call, ‘The Cambridge Nook’. It has to be where your child is at ease and comfortable.

Your child’s chair and desk must contribute to a proper posture, while the colors of the nook must provide happiness and motivation. Feel free to decorate the workspace with your child’s favorites.

Opportunities for spatial activities should also be accessible at your child’s nook. Once your child is given enough space where he can move and create, he’ll be able to explore at his own pace.

The Tools

Literacy and concept charts are effective for the continuation of your child’s learning even after the virtual classes. Placing storage bins for your child’s school materials will be a big help too.

Online classes are quite challenging but having a Cambridge Nook at home will help the child, parent, and teacher embrace the new routine. We may be missing the longer morning preparation and trip to school, yet with these steps, we can create the same sound learning environment that you used to look forward to everyday.



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