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To be honest, I wasn’t taking this work from home (WFH) thing seriously until this pandemic got extended and will probably continue to do so.

As a mom, having a well-balanced career and family life has always been a dilemma. That was the case even back in our normal situation. I guess, a lot will surely agree if I say that this WFH is quite challenging than the usual routine. The question is, how can one stay motivated on his/her regular work without sacrificing time for chores?

I came up with some WFH techniques that I would Like to share with you;


First of all, you need to find a space in your house where you can peacefully work and get all your daily or weekly goals done. You don’t need the fancy stuff, not unless you have extra budget during this time. Since I don’t have extra space at home,I just set up a small office space or nook in our bedroom. I’m using a foldable table and chair with a basket of all my office supplies and other necessities. My office at home opens every Monday at exactly 7:00AM and closes every Friday at 5:00PM. I pack all my things before the weekend and this definitely allows me to spend quality time with my family during my free time.


As I have mentioned earlier, I have a basket of all my office supplies and necessities. It includes my pens, stapler, tapes, post-it, chargers, USB, hard drive and my journal. This technique allows me to conveniently access everything I need for work.


Who told you that you cannot wear your nice and favorite pieces while working at home? It would be great if you always look good in all your meetings especially when the camera is turned ON! Go and prepare all your Zoom attires and match it with your favorite make-up and accessories. This will surely keep you motivated to work as you will see your beautiful self on the screen.


This has got to be everyone’s dream during the time. I suggest that you apply for a better internet. I think you can already apply online. You just have to be patient since there are a lot of us upgrading as well. This will surely benefit the entire family! I must say that this is indeed a great investment.


I’m not that techy person before all this but I am now trying to learn more about gadgets as they will make my life easier. I am currently trying to learn and explore all the new features that came out this quarantine. Invest on something that can help you adjust to this WFH situation.


Lucky are those who have access to natural light from their nooks! Go open those blinds or curtains! I believe that looking pleasant on and off screen will give you that extra boost and motivation to work efficiently.


Now is the best time to bring those plants at home! Some studies say that putting some plants in your workplace can reduce stress and help you increase your productivity.


Stay hydrated as you will be sitting in front of the laptop for a while I always make sure I have a tumbler with me as soon as I open my WFH office. Working with our laptops can cause headaches and hydrating yourself may help with it.

I hope I was able to share something that can help you cope and love your work from home situation. We have different situations at home but we can always make a way to get things done and to make each day better. Let’s all be thankful for this kind of WFH alternative as not everyone will be given the chance to do so.

Salute to all WORKING FROM HOME parents!


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