Parent’s Testimonial

“Having children is the easy part. Nurturing, teaching, and deciding what to do next is the hard part.

My daughter, Axelle, on January 10th, 2017, received a letter from Harvard University (and I had to do a double take on this and looked at the address it was coming from – Cambridge, Mass.) Inviting her to a convention and first view of the school specifically for those students who have excellent and outstanding accomplishments in High School /College and recommended by the National Honor Society. We were totally stunned.

First thing I thought was to thank God for that decision we made many, many years ago to enrol her in a new International School in Cebu, Cambridge International, a Singapore- based preschool opened and franchised by a dear, dear friend, Engr. Jacqui Sim-Limtin.

What did I look for in a preschool? A school that echoes the values, discipline, and morals that we have at home. And we found it in Cambridge with the added bonus of smaller classes, excellent teachers that spoke good English (a must), and open communication between the school and parents.

Then came the Elementary part. Where to? I will honestly admit that our batch of parents cajoled, bullied, and prayed Jacqui would extend this type of nurturing throughout, and thus Sage Prep Schoolhouse was born. And we were not disappointed. New teachers, yes, but always Jacqui at the helm of it.

By the way, not to be outdone, Axi’s younger sister, Anica, is an honor student in the Opal Hamilton Middle School, as well!

To all of you, Thank You! I can’t be more proud to say both my girls are alumni of Cambridge International and Sage Prep Schoolhouse. A good foundation is all it takes to get your child started on their own road to success and this career, called LIFE. Whatever they choose to do in life (in this case, Axi is eyeing Forensics), I am certain they will be guided by the values and teachings from home and early schooling! Cheers to Cambridge and Sage!!!!”

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